Building Safer Roads Is Everyone's Responsibility


Our Charter...

Advant-Edge Paving Equipment, LLC was established in 2009 in order to facilitate the construction of safer and higher quality paved roadways with the use of specialty paving equipment. We have taken products and processes used to pave roads and improved upon them to make them more cost-effective and to make it easier to construct safer, longer-lasting and more durable roads.

Our products are made in the USA and designed to attach to nearly all standard pavers used in the industry today.  We will create custom mounting plates and products for customers where our units do not easily attach or function properly.  We are a small company and this is all we do, so we make sure each and every day that we are providing the very best products and service for our customers.

The Safety Concern...

Based on years of extensive research and studies regarding roadway accidents and fatalities, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a "call to arms" on highway safety, urging  state transportation agencies to adopt a more coordinated, system wide approach to car crashes. The FHWA recommended better use of nine tools that are instrumental to reducing roadway accidents and fatalities each year. Our company is addressing one of these nine areas known as the "Safety Edge".

Specifically, the "Safety Edge" tackles the life threatening problem of vehicles veering off the road once their tires accidently begin to ride on the edge of the pavement. At this point, the vehicle becomes unable to regain its position on the pavement and an accident becomes likely to occur including vehicle rollover. Until recently, there have been few productive solutions toward conquering this problem.

The Challenge...

The Federal Highway Authority has concluded that creating a tapered edge on the side of the road that has a 30° slope is an ideal target to significantly reduce accidents. The challenge at hand during road construction include:
  1. creating a 30° tapered slope that will hold up to a variety of rolling patterns.
  2. building a road edge that will not quickly deteriorate.
  3. paving past shoulder obsticals such as driveways without slowing or stopping the paving process
  4. making it easy for the road construction crew to install such a feature
Today, the The Advant-Edger has been successfully used in many states to meet these challenges.

Road Quality...

Over $200 billion is being allocated to help rebuild and improve our nation's roadways and transportation infrastructure. We aim to assure the quality, durability and lasting-effect of the roadways being built under this program.

Studies have shown that the number one cause of asphalt mat deterioration is the failure of the longitudinal joint between adjacent lanes in the road. The two vertical lifts created when an asphalt mat is laid down using conventional techniques create voids, which allow water to seep into the joint, causing erosion. Over time, this erosion can lead to potholes, increasing maintenance needs and shortening pavement life.

Our Ramp Champ Series II product assists paving contractors in creating strong and viable longitudinal center lane joints.
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