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This Product has been Discontinued

Our original model, the Advant-Edger creates a tapered 30°edge at the shoulder of the road in a manner that satisfies both the safety and the road quality challenges pertaining to road edge construction.  This unit is approved for use by government agencies which are specifying the construction of a safety edge.  

For many years, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has advocated the implementation of safety edge construction especially on asphalt paved roads with no curbs and speed limits in excess of 40 MPH in order to tackle the life threatening problem of vehicles veering off the road once their tires accidently begin to ride on the edge of the pavement. At this point, the vehicle becomes unable to regain its position on the pavement and an accident becomes likely to occur including vehicle rollover. It is estimated that 18% of all rural accidents are a result of these "run-off" incidents.

FHWA research demonstrates that creating a tapered road edge that gently slopes onto the adjacent shoulder with a slope of 30° is sufficient to significantly reduce accidents. The challenge at hand during road construction is:

  1. easily create the 30° slope edge during the paving process
  2. building an edge that will not quickly deteriorate
  3. having the ability to automatically adjust the height of the tapered edge so that a paving crew can pave past driveways and other changes in shoulder elevation.
In July of 2008 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a "Call to Arms" to implement safety technologies utilizing their regional personnel working with state and local transportation agencies. As of January 2011, five state DOTs have specified the use of safety edge construction on their roadways.  The state specifications generally call for the use of an edge creating device that:
  1. creates a 30º (roughly) sloped edge
  2. can self adjust for changes in shoulder elevation
  3. is not a simple strike-off plate

The Advant-Edger meets all of these requirements.

The mounting plate attaches to the screed extension with two 1/2" bolts (which requires two half inch holes to be either drilled or tapped into the vertical face of the screed).   These mounting plates are designed to fit on nearly any standard screed with a flat vertical face. We offer shim sets and universal mounting brackets if your equipment is out of the ordinary. Please inquire.

When considering the value of this unit relative to our competition please keep in mind that our unit is reversible.  It works on the left side and right side of the paving machine.  There is no need to purchase two different models. The product also produces a safety edge up to 5" deep or 10" in length. This is an important feature when paving an overlay next to an existing edge drop-off. Also, as seen in the photographs, our model has a gentle curve in the forming surface which creates slightly greater structural integrity (somewhat like an eggshell as strength).  Perhaps most important, our company is dedicated and focused on these products and we provide the customer support so that they will perform their best and create the safest roads possible.

Advant-Edger Reversal

The unit cost is $2,195 plus shipping from Albany,NY. We offer volume discounts beginning with the purchase of two units. Prices subject to change without notice.  If you are ready to place an order or desire more information, contact us at 814-422-EDGE (3343) or e-mail us at and include your name, your title, company name, telephone number, shipping address, billing address and PO number.

To learn more about the product specifications, installation and usage please visit our user manual, click here (PDF).

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